Android 15 is readying a stock full desktop mode similar to Samsung DeX and Motorola Ready For


A full-blown desktop mode for Pixel phones has been rumored for some time now, and we recently got some news of progress being made on that front with the Pixel 8 series. However, even though the experience so far has not been super inspiring, new leaks from Android Authority suggest that Google’s been quietly fixing it behind the scenes. Looks like Android 15 might be where things get interesting.

Technically, Google has had a desktop mode since Android 10 came out in 2019, but to be honest that experience has been tailored more for developers’ use than actual everyday users. That implementation has its share of drawbacks, such as not being able to resize or minimize windows. It’s missing a lot of the basics, and it’s definitely not something you’d replace your laptop with.However, from the looks of it, this is about to change dramatically.┬áBased on what was found with some behind-the-scenes tinkering, the upcoming desktop mode appears way more like a familiar Windows or Mac setup. Windows can be resized, moved around, and even snapped to the edges of the screen.

Android 15 full desktop mode as demoed by Android Authority

It should be noted, though, that the experience is still rough around the edges, and not about to replace your actual desktop yet. So far keyboard shortcuts are missing, the launcher is pretty bare bones, and lots of apps still just aren’t set up for a desktop view. However, compared to how it’s been all these years, the Android 15 implementation appears to be a massive leap forward, similar to what you can currently get with┬áSamsung’s DeX or Motorola’s Ready For modes

Google I/O is just around the corner, and there’s a strong possibility that full desktop mode will be shown as an upcoming feature for Android 15. Another possibility is that this will launch alongside the Pixel 9 series this fall at the “Made by Google” event. Although, we don’t know for sure when this will all be unveiled, we are definitely excited about the possibility of a Samsung DeX-like experience built right in to stock Android.


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