Google announces new app, Google Vids, for simple video creation within Workspace


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Video creation is not easy work and to do it properly, companies have to usually hire a video production expert or team. However, there are times when a quick video is needed for a training session, or for new employee orientation, etc. There are numerous instances when having a tool to create a quick presentation-like video would be helpful, and there are tons of options out there right now, but surprisingly none have been from Google — until now.

As part of all the Workspace improvements coming out of Google Cloud Next ’24, Google has announced their new AI-powered app, Google Vids. It joins the Workspace collection alongside Docs, Sheets, and Slides with the promise of making quick and engaging videos a painless reality.
The idea is to streamline the video production process. Vids uses AI to turn your idea into something tangible and polished. It generates a basic storyboard you can tweak and then automatically pulls together suggested scenes from stock footage, images, and background music. You can even use preset voiceovers or opt to record your own voice to finish things off.The interface is meant to be intuitive, negating the need for advanced video creation knowledge or experience. Also, like other Workspace staples, Vids lets you share and collaborate with your team. Google Vids isn’t a direct replacement for fancy video editing software, but it aims to fill the niche where simplicity and quick turnaround for internal purposes are more important.
For now, Google Vids will be a browser-only product. However, according to The Verge‘s reporting, Kristina Behr, Google’s VP of product management for the Workspace collaboration apps said that mobile support would come over time.

Google Vids is currently slated for a limited Workspace Labs release in June, but there are beta testers utilizing the app right now. We’ll have to wait and see how well it performs once it’s widely rolled out, and whether it will deliver on its promise of making corporate video creation a breeze.


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