The Pixel Buds Pro are way more tempting than usual on Amazon; save 30% on a pair while you can


If you recall, we came across a fantastic offer on the Google Pixel Buds Pro. Said discount went live on Amazon just in time for the Spring Sale event. Guess what? The deal is still active, meaning it’s not too late to save 30% on any paintjob you like!

Although not the best-ever discount on these awesome wireless earbuds, the Amazon deal is still one of the best Pixel Buds offers for 2024. Since it’s a “limited-time” promo, this deal probably won’t be live much longer. So, if you still haven’t got your Google earbuds at lower prices, consider going for them before the discount expires.

The Pixel Buds Pro have ANC, volume EQ, and a built-in Google Assistant — the whole shebang is here! They’re comfortable to wear and offer fantastic battery life, which makes them the perfect everyday pair of earbuds for the casual listener on a budget.

The ANC integrated here works fantastically on lower frequencies. However, some mid and higher frequencies could permeate through the buds. You may also experience a hiss when you’re not streaming music. With that in mind, you should find them great for commuting as they effectively dull traffic noises.

As for the sound quality, the Pixel Buds Pro sound good, emphasizing bass and treble out of the box. As mentioned earlier, you get volume EQ on these, which gives you a more balanced sound profile. If you’re into bass-heavy music, this option might not be exceptionally tempting, as it lowers bass to a more neutral level.

The Google earbuds also have intuitive controls, with swipe features to lower or raise music volumes. This original feature is available in some premium Sony models, such as the WH-1000XM5.

It’s important to note that these puppies won’t connect just to your Pixel 8 Pro. They can pair with any Bluetooth 4.0+ device, including tablets and laptops besides Android phones. You guessed it – iPhones are in the picture, too.

Unlike the Galaxy Buds Pro 2, the Google earbuds have great battery life. You should get up to seven hours of listening time with ANC per charge and up to 20 hours with the case. If you turn ANC off, you can squeeze up to 31 hours of juice out of them (with the case).


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